Bentz Law Firm

About Us
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Grounded on over one hundred years of combined legal experience, Bentz Law Firm, P.C. consistently delivers legal solutions to a wide variety of clients. We offer our clients a broad spectrum of legal services, specializing in construction, surety and fidelity law; commercial law; corporate law; banking; bankruptcy and creditors'€™ rights; as well as business and commercial litigation. Our lawyers have handled cases in virtually every state in the country. We don'€™t just advise and counsel our clients on the law, we help them achieve the goals of their business. We do this by listening to our clients at least as much as we counsel them and we make it our business to learn about theirs.

Bentz Law Firm, P.C. represents a number of businesses throughout the country, ranging from fortune 500 companies to start-up/early stage ventures. Our lawyers have served as outside corporate counsel for a full spectrum of businesses, including high tech, bio-chemical, healthcare, medical, learning industries and other companies.

Bentz Law Firm, P.C. lawyers structure, negotiate, document and complete transactions essential to the operational and strategic objectives of our clients. This work includes acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, contracts, leases, financing and refinancing services. It may also involve assisting with the formation, structuring or restructuring of businesses. Our lawyers prepare employment policies, employee handbooks, draft employment contracts and separation agreements, and defend employment claims and disputes.

Bentz Law Firm, P.C. is a M/W/DBE Certified Small Diverse Business under the Commonwealth's Small Buisness Procurement Initiative.